Welcome to my photography website! While I am no longer actively shooting weddings, I am still passionate about my craft and wanted a place that I could share my photography with you. You can find some of my favorite images in the "Give Me Moore" gallery. I hope you enjoy.

~ Kelly

About me...

All I ever wanted to be was a rock star. I was a singer long before I found a camera. I grew up dreaming of performing on Star Search (the original American Idol) and singing my heart out to packed stadiums. My sophomore year in college, I picked up a camera, and before I knew it, my passion for photography led me in a new direction.

I graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2001 with a degree in Vocal Performance. By that time, my photography career was well established, so I was able to transition seamlessly into shooting full-time.  After more than a decade in the business, I have had the privilege of shooting thousands of people, everyone from high school seniors to brides and grooms to musicians.  I also discovered a passion for teaching photography.  I have taught hundreds of photographers from all over the globe my knack for finding the unexpected in a shoot and my unique approach to creative lighting.

In 2002, I married the wonderful Kelly Clark. Yup, we have the same name! It keeps life interesting. To keep us straight, I’m often referred to as “Kelly Girl” or “Kelly Moore”; people call him “Kelly Boy”. You may recognize his name because he has a bag named after him.  In fact, all of my bags are named after someone special to me. God has blessed us with 2 beautiful little girls: Posey, our fiery 4-year-old, and Chapel, our newest addition who came to us through an open adoption in August.

We love our girls more than words can express, and are so thankful we get to be their parents! We now live in rural Louisiana, and enjoy a simple life on our 6 acre homestead. Our internet may be sketchy, and our 3G coverage sometimes fails us, but we love being country folk!

In early 2006, frustrated with the available choices in camera bags, I began sketching and dreaming about creating a line of my own. In 2009, I launched the Kelly Moore line of camera bags.

Since then, I have worked hard to bring you innovative designs that have as much style as they do function. With 9 styles to choose from, in over 50 colors, I know we have a bag that you will love!